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Rice Dishes

  1. TEN-DON - Mixed tempura batter served with boiled rice and tentsuyu sauce £9.00
  2. GYU-DON - sliced beef with onion and ginger cooked in a teriyaki sauce and
    served with boiled rice. £8.90
  3. OYAKO-DON - sliced chicken breast with onion and egg cooked in a seasoned
    soy sauce served with boiled rice. £8.90
  4. CHU-PA-FAN - pan-fried pork loin and onion served in black pepper corn
    sauce with boiled.£8.90
  5. GAI-PA FAN - pan-fried chicken thigh and onion served in a black pepper corn
    sauce with boiled rice.£8.90
  6. ICHIBAN CHA-HAN - Egg fried rice with chicken, king prawn scallop ,squid
    ,crab stick, naruto and mixed vegetables.£9.80
  7. SEAFOOD CHA-HAN- Egg fried rice with king prawn, scallop squid, crab stick
    and naruto and mixed vegitables. £9.80
  8. BEEF CHA-HAN - Egg fried rice with sliced beef and
    mixed vegetables. £8.90
  9. CHCKEN CHA-HAN - Egg fried rice with sliced chicken and
    mixed vegetables. £8.90
  10. YASAI CAH-HAN Egg fried rice with mangetout, courgette mushrom, sweet corn
    , peas, carrot and bamboo shoot. V£8.50
  11. EUROPEAN FRIED RICE - Egg fried rice with mixed vegetables prawn, ham and chicken
    in a tomato flavour sauce. £9.00
  12. SINGAPORE FRIED RICE - curry flavour egg fried rice with mixed vegetables, fresh chilli
    , prawn, char sui, and ham. £9.00